Presentation of the project

For the Junior Web Award and Workshop on Climate competitions, we have decided to make a website that allows to compare the costs of travel and the carbon emissions of different vehicles when going for a drive.

We are the second year apprentices in computer science of the Vocational School in Porrentruy, nice town in the Jura.

Computer class 2nd Year

Here apprentices who worked on this project.

From left to right : Steve Fallet (Professor), Alina Elsenhans, Méline Corbat, Cédric Pahud, Sylvain Meyer, Artiom Vallat, Jérémy Wermeille, Yoann Lehmann, Killian Kaempf, Bastien Wermeille, Julien Chappuis

Choice of the topic

At first we hesitated between various themes:

  • Pollution / means of transport
  • Renewable energy / nuclear energy
  • Deforestation
  • Waste treatment
  • Worldwide water

In the end, we chose the pollution and means of transport. After receiving several negative responses from companies to share their API, we decided to make a website that is used to calculate travel expenses.


Our main objective is to inform future users of their travel costs, and help them to reduce these costs.

The selected objectives were the following :

  • A captivating and innovative design
  • A data-based or graphically shown comparison of the travel costs, according to the type of vehicles
  • Allow users to enter their own vehicle's characteristics and to compare them with those of generic vehicles
  • Inform visitors about the practice of carpooling
  • Inform visitors about what CO2 is, as well as its effects on the environment
  • Offer assistance to reduce one’s gasoline consumption

To realise this website, we shared the tasks out as followed:

Firstname and name Task
Killian Kaempf Achieving the homepage
Artiom Vallat Achieving the homepage
Translation the site in english
Alina Elsenhans Translation the site in german
Julien Chappuis Integration of the Google Maps API and Javascript codes
Bastien Wermeille Integration of the Google Maps API and Javascript codes
Jérémy Wermeille Realisation of the page "Project"
Search content for the page "Good to know"
Sylvain Meyer Research data for cost calculations
Search content for the page "Good to know"
Cédric Pahud Realisation of the page "Comparateur"
Yoann Lehmann Realisation of the page "Comparateur"
Méline Corbat Realisation of the page "Good to know"

We used Trello to organize our tasks. It is a Web-based project management application.

Aperçu de l'interface de Trello

Our site was created with different languages studied at school as well as a new language PHP :

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP

We also used the following plugins :

Images and icons are free. We found and purchased the images on the following sites :

We used universal numbers for our different categories of vehicles.

Here are the explanations of these numbers:

Objects Explanations
Vehicle prices

We have set a base price to which we added a value depending on the type of fuel:

  • For a gasoline engine, we used the basic price
  • For a diesel engine, we added CHF 3'000.-
  • For a gas engine, we added CHF 5'000.-
  • For an electric motor, we added CHF 10'000.-
  • For a hybrid gasoline engine, we added CHF 17'000.-
  • For a hybrid diesel engine, we added CHF 20'000.-
Insurance We have an RC insurance and a partial casco. We inquired with the car insurance websites to obtain the average price of these insurance
Registration We had a few difficulties to get specific numbers. Since each canton has its own scale of cost, we estimated the average cost in Switzerland
Depreciation We took into account a depreciation of 10% of the catalog price per year
Consumption We did some research on the websites of automakers
Tires We did some on the web. Prices change according to the categories of vehicles. For the duration of the tires, we took into account a duration of 4'000 km for two wheelers and 30'000 km for cars
Services We did some estimates to calculate an average value, but this number changes greatly depending on the type of vehicle and the brand
Other This category includes to the cost of motorway, parking place, etc... We did some estimates that differ depending on the type of vehicle

Of course, all these numbers are customizable by the user.

For the realization of this project, we received some help from several people that we would particularly like to thank.

  • First of all, we thank the Organization of the TCS which gave us lots of information enabling us to carry out calculations of the page of the comparator
  • Thanks also to Mr Jérôme Conus, one of our computer science professor and Mrs Lise Choffat, our English teacher, who have dedicated time to correct our translation of the site in English
  • We also thank Mrs Olga Elsenhans, for the correction of the translation of the site in German
  • And finally a big thank you to all those who participated in the creation of this site

Feel free to visit our Facebook or Google+ page or yet follow us on Twitter to stay informed.

Good visit ! And see you soon on our website !